SHH-B2 Automatic Folder Gluer / Pasting Machine / Flute Laminating Machine
SHH-B2 Box Specification

Mesin Lem & Lipat
SHH-B2 Automatic Corrugated Folder Gluer


SHH-B2 high speed automatic paste box machine possesses the SHH-800 and SHH-B all functions, Use of imported electrical appliances, and accessories for export with a rubber roller Paper can be pressed together by the processes as well as possesses the features of beautiful modeling, high speed and can made more wide boxes etc. Which can paste and manufacture from Widely uses in paste process for medicine box, wine box, cosmetics box and electric equipment package etc. It’s essential equipment in packing printing industry.


After starting the machine, the automatic paper feeding table will feed the paper sheets needed to be pasted out one by one continuously. The gluing device will automatically coat the glue on the adhesive position of paper box evenly. The glued paper sheets also will automatically send to the fold part. In the course of paper sheets ahead, the belt device of the fold part will automatically fold and stick the paper box. After finishing the fold and adhesion, send the paper box to the pressing part. After pressing, send it to the conveying part to be pressed firmly, finally send it to the paper receiving table. The whole working procedure is finished.