Our company is mechanical equipment enterprise established in 1998 specialized in producing paper cup, paper container. We do have close contact with many national junior colleges and scientific research units, also cooperate with national print, plate making, paper supplier, other equipment factory. We can provide series of technical, equipment, raw material for paper producing with our advance equipment and strong technical power.

The JBZ-A paper cup forming machine is as based on assimilating concerning products of Korea, Japan, USA. Then researched and developed according to the domestic conditions. It is suitable for imported and national paper, the paper range is from 140g/m² to 300g/m². It can produce 6.5 to 12 ounce paper cup by changing mould. Besides, we have JBZ-S type ice cream equipment, JXG ice cream cone equipment, JBZ-D noodle bowl equipment, ZCHJ-II paper dish forming machine, DGH series paper cake case equipment JBZ-NB automatic paper cup with handle machine, ZDJ-300K high speed automatic paper plate forming machine and ZB-12 type paper cup handle machine. We developed new product such as JBZ-16H high speed automatic paper cup forming machine, JCQ850 high speed punching machine, JMQ930 high speed automatic reel Die-cutting machine, RY650/850 flexo printing machine.

Since set up, the company gained scientific province and city progress award and many other patents, the product also passes provincial technical identification. We will strife continuously to provide good after sale service for customers. Welcome the national and overseas customers to cooperate with us.



Paper Bowl Forming Machine

JBZ-D30 paper bowl forming machine, developed according to domestic specific situations, has functions of automatic paper feed, primary preheating, medium sealing tube forming, cup rabbet lubrication, bottom flushing, secondary bottom heating, bottom knurling, upper mouth hemming, water line injection, finished product stacking, photoelectric detection, fault alarm and counting, and is