MDE 80 (S) MDW 80 (S)

Three-Five Axes AC Servo Driven Robots

Three Axis AC Servo Driven Robots are extensively applied to horizontal plastic injection machines ranging from 50 ~550T which can take out the runners, runner and finished products from the mold of plastic injection molding machines.  There are two types of arms-single stage and telescopic. The vertical strokes for single stage are 600/800 and for telescopic are 600/800/900/1000/1200mm. The arms move stably thanks to two sections of double speed structure. The traverse movement is driven by high performance AC servo motor.

  1. High rigidity structure design, stable construction, low vibration, abiding and long service life.
  2. Working with high precise linear guide way and imported steel wire belt driven result in high speed, low noise, precision position at
  3. Simulating operators removal motion such as traction, undercut, slip, circle curve, oblique line even irregular route£ which can realize special action such as array, pile, counter, sample etc.
  4. Assembled parts and structures design adopt oil less device, easy maintenance and long service life
  5. Lightweight construction design to work with microprocessor well result in significant power saving
  6. Module construction design, dismantled parts can be packed separately.  This design is easy for assembling module parts no matter onto the operator side or non operator side on the spot directly if customers want to change
  7. Electrical parts adopt the world famous brands to provide stable quality and interchangeable traits
  8. The maximum end position is equipped with limit switches, all direction of end position equipped with anti-collision device which can prevent the motion out of control. Complete safeguard for IMM and robot to ensure safety running

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