Automatic UV Coating Machine

This machine is necessary to printing products after fine print. All kinds of paper printed matter treated by this machine are not only improving the smooth finish of surface ,but also damp proof ,dustproof, sun proof and wear-resistant of for the surface of printed matter especially after UV vanish Processing. The  effect is comparable to laminating, calendaring treatment, and no film-dropping, curly and back light defect.

1. Paper Feeder Unit

  • Stream Feeder Suction head with vacuum pump suction system requires no lubricant of oil;
  • The feeder can be adjusted while running;
  • Double sheet detector.

2. UV Coating Unit

  • UV Coating Unit, equipped with high sensitivity wind-knife system, suitable for glazing of thick and thin paper
  • Micro-adjustment for even smearing and control of material usage, makes the paper smooth and glossy.
  • Three rollers double pressure double scrapers, with 3KW air compressor(With gas tank), Independent adjust of the speed (Schneider VVVF), Machine-wide linkage, automatically shutdown with paper crimp.

3. I.R. Drying Unit

  • With 15KW (15group) I.R. lamp, Independent adjust of the speed (Schneider VVVF)
  • With Teflon conveyor belt, Automatic corrective adjustment, oven is automatic go up when the machine stop
  • The up-blower heat elimination, with the even temperature in the Oven
  • High-power Down-exhaust fan, Removal of waste heat

4. UV Drying Unit

  • UU Drying Unit UV radiation makes the UV oil harden and become resistant to wear, and promote the glossiness of the paper surface; Equipment with fast cooling equipment, avoids paper curling.
  • With Teflon conveyor belt, Automatic corrective adjustment, oven is automatic go up when the machine stop
  • 3 groups 8KW transformer, 3 UV lamp, 3 capacitance
  • 2 groups cold air blower, 2 groups pneumatic suction system, 1 team discharge air

5. Automatic Delivery Unit

  • Automatic Delivery Unit Conveyor belt produces low noise and make delivery smooth with its upper and lower pressing track design. Smearing on thin paper tends to produce curling, yet the pneumatic sheet jogging device knocking up both sides of sheet and keep the paper stable.
Technical Specification
Model SDSG-1200B
Max. sheet size 1000 x 1200 mm
Min. sheet size 340 x 406 mm
Max. coating width 790 x 1150 mm
Paper thickness

80~600 g/m2 (equipped with wind-knife)

200-600 g/m2

Max. feeder speed

3000-6000 sheets/hour

3000 sheets/hour for thin paper

Conveyor speed 25~60 m/min
Size 12500 x 1700 x 1940 mm
Total weight 5500 kg
Total power 47 kw


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