Repetto 65

V2 Die Punch Creasing Machine

Autoprint is committed to bring modern cutting-edge technology to its customers. A result of this commitment is Autoprint Repetto 65 V2- an Automatic Sheet-fed Flat Bed Die-Punching and Creasing Machine designed to handle even the most intricate and detailed designs. This reliable and high precision die punching machine is the perfect answer to meet the growing demand of medium and large format printers as well as packaging units.

  1. Compact Machine
  2. Stream feeder
  3. Pull type side lay on both sides
  4. Double sheet detector
  5. Cross feed sensor
  6. Motorized pile for smooth up and down movement
  7. Pre-pile facility with extra feed board
  8. Servo controlled gripper for smooth paper gripping and delivery
  9. Touch screen control panel with PLC
  10. Patented software for maintaining excellent register quality for a long life
  11. Maintenance guidance program on touch screen panel
  12. Guards provided for operator safety
  13. Protection of electronic circuits through UPS
  14. Easy removal of die unit by chase turn over mechanism
  15. Quick change-over of dies
  16. Foldable chase turnover assembly
  17. Automatic delivery stacker
  18. Batch counter at delivery
  19. Extra delivery pile board
  20. Enhanced productivity
  21. Motorized centralized lubrication system
Technical Specifications
Model Autoprint Repetto 65 V2
No. of punching unit One
Max. paper size 480x660 mm (19"x26")
Min. paper size 250x305 mm (10"x12")
Max. punching area 460x650 mm (18.5" x 25.5")
Paper thickness 0.2 to 0.6 mm
Punching speed max. 4500 sph
Die height 23.8 mm
Gripper margin setting 10-13 mm
Punching Load 120 ton
Punching stroke 65 mm
Total power  10Kw
Chase interior size 672x494 mm
Weight 5500 Kgs (approx.)
Overall size (L x W x H) 3292x2530x1646 mm

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